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The Ancient Kilt with Permanent Pleats Gallery

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DH in the kilt. The shirt came from Chivalry Sports.

Almost identical picture to the one on the left of DH in the kilt.

My neighbor, Brent, striking a pose in the kilt. I think this will become the new loaner garb.

How I made this kilt can be found here.

Something I have noticed with both of the gentlemen who have tried on this kilt. Neither of them were wearing a belt in the above pictures, so they are both wearing the kilt where men typically wear their mundane trousers. Therefore the kilt sits too low in front and is too long.

  DS and his girlfriend at a Halloween party in 2007. DS decided to do makeup just like that of Mel Gibson in the movie, Braveheart. He did take his mom's advice about adjusting the kilt for the proper length and actually appears to be wearing the kilt correctly.


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