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Anne of Austria, Queen of Spain, Biography

Taken from worldroots.com since the page from the site no longer seems to display properly.


Archduchess Anna of Austria (1549-1580)
Born 2 November 1549 Cigales
Died 26 October 1580 Madrid
Buried Escurial

Married 12 November 1570 Segovia

Philip II, King of Spain 1556-1598, son of Charles V, Holy
Roman Emperor 1519-1556 and Isabella of Portugal
Born 21 May 1527 Valladolid
Died 13 September 1598 Escurial

While her father represented his father-in-law in Spain, she was born in Cigales, but her youth was spent in Vienna. She was intended to marry her first cousin, Don Carlos, heir to the Spanish throne. However, on 24 July 1568, Don Carlos died, followed, on 3 October 1568, by Elisabeth de Valois, wife of her uncle, King Philip II of Spain. As a result, her marriage was arranged with her thrice widowed uncle, Philip II, King of Spain.

In 1570 she arrived in Spain, accompanied by her brothers Albrecht and Wenzel, who remained there to be educated at the Spanish Court. On 12 November 1570, in Segovia, she married the Spanish King and they became the parents of five children.

In 1571 Spain won the sea-battle at Lepanto and their first son, Ferdinand, was born. However, of the five children, only the fourth, Felipe, survived and, in due course, succeeded to the Spanish throne. In 1580 Anna and her husband travelled to the Portuguese border in an attempt to establish the king's right to the Portuguese throne after the death of the aging and childless King Enrique. They travelled as far as Badajoz where Philip became seriously ill with influenza. Taking care of her husband, Anna also became infected with influenza  and died, aged only thirty.

Source: Leo van de Pas

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