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The Gallery of Costumes

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The Costumes

The Elizabethan Gentleman   The First Elizabethan and Its Remake   The Ancient Kilt    

Dressing the Colonial Family



This is my brother's family. The pictures to the left were taken in the Spring of 2004 prior to their first trip to Williamsburg.

I made most of the children's clothing and my sister-in-law made the rest of the clothing.

For more information about the research and construction of the children's clothing, click on research or construction.


Yup, I got my sister-in-law hooked on costuming. Because the children are constantly growing, my sister-in-law had to make lots of new garb for everyone for their trip to Williamsburg in the Spring of 2006. Here are the pictures of the new clothing and some notes on construction. And here are some Tidings from 18th Century Williamsburg!


Another visit to Williamsburg.

The Monk   Ren Wear   The Wicked Witch of the West
  It is here because it is the costume that started it all...

The Cloaks

My Cloak   His Cloak        


The Underpinnings

Corsets   Farthingales   Smocks, Shirts & Partlets    


The Accessories

Hats   Pouches & Fans   Shoes    


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